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Tele…what_ Telehealth!

Tele…what? Telehealth!

In the wake of this global pandemic, most providers are switching to telehealth services, and therapists are no exception. But, it can be confusing to even know what telehealth is, let alone if it is worth your time and money.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is a term that has been thrown around quite a lot in recent days, but it actually involves what is already integrated into our culture today. Technology. We are familiar with making facetime calls and phone talks with our friends and family, and telehealth is just doing that exact same thing with a provider. Therapists are set up and ready to provide HIPPA compliant (private & Secure) video and phone sessions to you.

Are Telehealth services right for me? Yes.
In this age we are living in, telehealth seems to be one of the only options. To both therapists and the people that they work with, telehealth is not ideal, and it is new territory for both parties. However, at this time, we are lucky to have a way to connect with our people when we need support. All of my clients that have switched already have said they were unsure at first, but are excited to keep going.

Benefits of Telehealth:
It is clear that in the face of social distancing our world becomes much more isolated and lonely. This can wreak havoc on our mental health, and I’m here to tell you, living like this is REALLY HARD. Especially, if you live alone. It is super important to stay connected to a therapist in times of crisis, telehealth lets us do that.

In a time where there is so much unknown, it is vital to have someone to work through it all with. We can gain support, learn coping skills, have social interactions and more, all through our devices. Much of our time in the next days, weeks, and months will be physically isolated, but we do not have to be socially and emotionally isolated, and we have telehealth to help with that. Set up a telehealth appointment today by calling us at (503) – 446 -2500 or visit us here.

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