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How Music Connects Us to Others

It was the summer of 1984. My older sister and I were 12 and 11, respectively. We awoke one morning and started making preparations for the afternoon. We secured every bit of makeup, hairspray, hair accessories, and trendy clothes and shoes that we had at our disposal. Our three neighborhood friends arrived in the early afternoon and we got started. We teased our hair, referencing magazine articles as needed, and got our clothes and makeup just right. We lined up our instruments – plastic tennis rackets for guitar and bass, a hairbrush microphone, a portable keyboard, and upside-down bowls for drums, with chopsticks for drumsticks. Soon, the moment arrived. We were ready. We took our places. And we became The Go-Go’s. Read more

Tele…what_ Telehealth!

Tele…what? Telehealth!

In the wake of this global pandemic, most providers are switching to telehealth services, and therapists are no exception. …

Life in the time of COVID-19

Life in the time of COVID-19

Everything is changing. COVID-19 has only been circulating for a couple of months now, but it stands to change the way that …

Overcoming a Bad Therapy Experience

On Screen Bad Therapy Experiences Have you ever noticed that every mental health professional in movies is the weirdest, …