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Life in the time of COVID-19

Life in the time of COVID-19

Everything is changing.

COVID-19 has only been circulating for a couple of months now, but it stands to change the way that people live all over the world.  We have arrived at life in the time of COVID-19. People are having to change the way they work, the way they socialize, often their whole life. Change is something that most people have difficulty with anyway, but how do you cope with SO much change in so little time. Here are 5 things you can do today and keep doing to make it through this tough time.

– Make a routine and stick with it.
In times where you spend the majority of your life in the same place, maybe even the same room (looking at you all those people in the tiny house community) the days can run together. So set a routine to help your mind and body get on track.

– Do new things.
As part of that routine, why don’t you try out meditation, if you are like me and have been wanting to for 6 months but haven’t had the time? As a bonus, meditation has been proven to be great for mental health. Or how about that watercolor painting kit you got for the holidays, but haven’t pulled out?

– Get Physical and Eat Well.
While everyone practicing social distancing is great for our community, a short walk around the block with your dog can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Or you can view an at-home workout from YouTube. Do your best to eat well during this time, along with washing your hands, eating lots of veggies and fruit are great for immune system function

– Create beauty
Do some spring cleaning, organize your bathroom! Now is a great time to create beauty in the space you live in. You can check out our Instagram post about creating beauty here.

– Go to therapy (online)!
One incredible thing about our world today is that we have the resources to connect virtually. This is a time where it highlights our mortality. We are all living in the unknown and that can be terrifying. While this fear is normal and ok, it can be harmful or difficult to deal with it on your own. See a therapist via video or phone today.

Life in the time of COVID-19 proves to be a new challenge for humans, but I believe it will make us stronger, as we can create change and life even in the unknown of this age.

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