Spiritual Issues

People often seek out therapy when issues arise around their spiritual identity. These issues may include feeling a lack of belonging in your spiritual or religious community, your personal values or actions feel out of line with the values of your spiritual teachings, or perhaps you’re struggling to find meaning in life. You may even find yourself distressed because your religious or spiritual beliefs have changed and you don’t know how to communicate this to your loved ones. Any of these issues around your spiritual identity can cause feelings of isolation, anxiety, confusion, depression, anger, and a lack of meaning in life.

Therapists at Live True Counseling Can Help

Therapy can help you understand your basic spiritual values, where these values come from, and why they are important to you. Some of these basic values may be finding a sense of belonging, unconditional love and compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and a meaning of life.

Therapists at Live True Counseling understand what it’s like to struggle with one's spiritual identity. Our therapists work with you collaboratively to understand your unique experience and needs. If it’s spiritual care that you seek, we can match you with a therapist that has an extensive knowledge on various religious and spiritual practices. Whatever your need, our therapists will work alongside you to help you move forward in a direction that feels right to you.

The most powerful tool in therapy is the relationship built by our therapists and their clients. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute consultation to determine if we’d be a good fit.


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