Therapy Group: Building Healthy Relationships

Building Healthy Relationships:
Untangling Codependent Dynamics

In this ten-week group, we will learn about our psychology in interpersonal dynamics, practicing both reflective and active skills to increase relationship health. Group members share about challenging interpersonal dynamics, receive support and feedback, and practice skills amongst each other.


This group focuses on untangling codependent dynamics by better understanding the indirect ways we attempt to get our needs met.  People who may benefit from this group recognize that there are some unhealthy dynamics happening under the surface of a relationship(s) in their lives, and feel ready to look at their own part in that dynamic, empowering themselves to shift it.


Time: 90 minutes, weekly. One one-on-one free 30 minute check-in per participant midway through group curriculum.


Location: Telehealth video


Duration: 10 sessions with possibility to extend to 12 if participants are interested


Cost: $50 per session


Group style and size: 4-8 participants, closed group with commitment to attend all sessions barring extenuating circumstances


Style: The first hour is experiential psychoeducation: information is presented on powerpoints and participants share personal experiences and engage in skill building exercises around concepts presented.  The last half hour is open sharing, feedback, and practice with authentic relating amongst each other.


  • Week 1: Introduction: Nonviolent Communication
  • Week 2: Nonviolent Communication, Cont.
  • Week 3: Rethinking "Manipulation"
  • Week 4: Manipulation Pt. 2: Intertwined Dynamics
  • Week 5: Boundaries
  • Week 6: Expressing Desires
  • Week 7: Trusting Our Guts
  • Week 8: Honesty
  • Week 9: Building New Relationships
  • Week 10: Wrap UP

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