Jenny Larson, MA, LPC-Intern

Deputy Director & Therapist

Career Counseling

I have 20 years of experience as a Human Resource and Career Counseling professional. I have both seen and experienced the stress and anguish that being unemployed or being in a job that isn't the right fit can bring. I work with clients to help them find employment or volunteer work that brings them a sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Infertility Challenges

I know firsthand the emotional, financial, and social heartbreak that dealing with infertility issues can bring. I understand the ups and downs, the feelings of wanting to isolate ourselves, the sheer wishing, and the incessant waiting that seems to never let up. Often when we’re dealing with infertility issues, we find that it’s hard to talk to those who haven’t been through it themselves and who can’t really understand what we’re going through. We can talk through the victories and the disappointments and develop coping strategies that can help.

Getting Unstuck

All too often we get caught up in patterns that no longer serve us and have trouble finding a way forward. I help my clients figure out what's keeping them stuck and how they want to move forward to a life that feels more authentic and fulfilling to them.
Our work together

Depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, trauma, career issues, infertility – these are some of the things that we experience as humans that can keep us from living the life we want to live. When these feel overwhelming and we feel stuck in patterns that aren’t working for us, therapy can help. 

I work with my clients in a collaborative way that treats you as the expert of your own lived experience. You have a right to feel accepted and understood for who you are. Everyone experiences life in their own way and deals with the ups and downs in their own way. Sometimes these coping strategies work. Sometimes they come up short. When they’re no longer working for you, we can talk about why this might be and what other strategies may help you move forward. If you’re stuck in a pattern and feel like you’re treading water, we can explore ways of changing direction that feel right for you.

I strive to build a trusting, caring, and supportive therapeutic relationship with my clients so that even when you feel that the world is against you, you can remember that there’s someone rooting for you.

Areas of Experience
  • anxiety
  • depression 
  • relationship issues
  • infertility
  • family issues
  • career issues
  • feeling stuck
  • healing from trauma 
  • grief
  • stress
  • major life transitions 
  • personal growth/lack of fulfillment
  • work/life balance 

I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Psychological Science from Pacific University. My coursework and training covered a variety of areas, including depression, anxiety, grief/loss, life transitions, relationship difficulties, mood disorders, career counseling, and emotional distress. My training includes work with both individuals and couples.

My clinical training began at William Temple House, where I served as a Counseling Intern from August 2018 until July 2019. I continue to see clients as a volunteer Counselor there. I currently serve on the Board of Existential-Humanistic Northwest (EHNW), a non-profit organization that promotes the primary existential-humanistic values of authenticity, integrity, responsibility, inclusion, and awe.

As a Registered Intern in the State of Oregon, I practice under the supervision of Bob Edelstein, LMFT, MFT.


I am committed to providing affordable services and offer flexibility in my fees, based on need and frequency of sessions. During our initial consultation, we will determine an amount that works for you.

My sliding fee scale structure for psychotherapy is as follows:

30-minute initial consultation: Free of charge
50-minute session: $80-$100
For career coaching sessions, my fee structure is as follows:
50-minute session: $100
I currently accept cash, check, and debit/credit card. Payment is due at the end of each session. In the event you need to cancel your psychotherapy or career coaching appointment, a 24-hour notice is required to avoid being charged for the session.

I do not accept insurance; however, I am able to provide a receipt for payment if requested.

The most powerful tool in therapy is the relationship built by our therapists and their clients. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute consultation to determine if we’d be a good fit.


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